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df0243# |a8717418352059
df040## |aOpen Vlacc |bdut
df091## |a6
df091## |aAngst
df091## |aGrof taalgebruik
df245#0 |aBrothers and sisters |nHet complete vijfde en laatste seizoen |hDVD-VIDEO
df260## |bBuena Vista Home Entertainment |c2012
df300## |a6 dvd-video's
df306## |aca. 900 min.
df500## |aTaalkeuze: Engels, Frans
df500## |aOndertiteling: Nederlands, Frans, Engels, Engels voor slechthorenden
df505## |aDisc 1 |tThe homecoming ; Brief encouter ; Faking it ; A righteous kiss
df505## |aDisc 2 |tCall mom ; An ideal husband ; Resolved ; The rhapsody of the flesh
df505## |aDisc 3 |tGet a room ; Cold turkey ; Scandalized ; Thanks for the memories
df505## |aDisc 4 |tSafe at home ; The one that got away ; Brody ; Home is where the front is
df505## |aDisc 5 |tOlivia's choice ; Never say never ; Wouldn't it be nice ; Father unknown
df505## |aDisc 6 |tFor better or for worse ; Walker down the aisle
df521## |avolwassenen
df650## |aFamilie |9vth
df650## |aTelevisieseries |9vge
df700## |aNeely, Blake |4cmp
df700## |aFlockhart, Calista |4act
df700## |aField, Sally |4act
df700## |aGriffiths, Rachel |4act
df700## |aRifkin, Ron |4act
df700## |aWettig, Patricia |4act
df700## |aAnnable, Dave |4act
df852 |a4000 |bMagazijn Tv-serie (infopunt) |cBROT seizoen 5 |iseizoen 5 |lBROT |pOS5431085 |wN |yD2 |1N |36 dvd's |67062514 |92019-05-31T00:00+0200 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
df852 |a4120 |bDVD Serie Volwassenen |cBROT |e@ |lBROT |pDH1549006 |wN |xSeq: 2 |yD2 |1N |69814647 |92015-02-07T00:00+0100 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
df852 |a4230 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |cBROT |dDVD volwassenen fictie |e@ |lBROT |pIP402169X |wN |xSeq: 3 |yD2 |1N |69814648 |92012-07-10T00:00+0200 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
df852 |a4260 |bMagazijn multi-media fiction (Vragen aan de balie) |cBROT |e@ |lBROT |pIZ1926853 |wN |xMA Seq: 4 |yD2 |1N |69814649 |92012-07-14T00:00+0200 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
df852 |a4460 |bMagazijn tv-reeksen |cBROT |dMAGAZIJN DVD SERIES |e@ |lBROT |pOK2312506 |wN |xSeq: 5 |yDU |1N |69814650 |92012-10-08T00:00+0200 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
df852 |a4480 |bDVD series volwassenen |cBROT |e@ |lBROT |pOR201307932 |wN |xMedio Seq: 6 |yD2 |1N |69814651 |92014-06-19T00:00+0200 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
df852 |a4541 |bMagazijn : Beeld en geluid |cBROT |e@ |lBROT |pRL5983851 |wN |xSeq: 7 |yD2 |1N |69814652 |92012-05-29T00:00+0200 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
df852 |a4590 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |cBROT |ddvd's volwassenen |e@ |lBROT |p38790003643808 |wN |xSeq: 8 |yD4 |1N |69814653 |92013-03-16T00:00+0100 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
df852 |a4620 |bFoyer Tv-reeksen volwassenen |cBROT 5 / 1952 |dFoyer DVD-ruimte series |lBROT 5 / 1952 |pWI0794910 |wN |xMed;6 dvd's Seq: 9 |yDU |1N |36 dvd's |69814654 |92012-09-28T00:00+0200 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
df852 |a4610 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |cBROT |dSpeelfilms |e@ |lBROT |pWV337355X |wN |xSeq: 10 |yD2 |1N |69814655 |92012-08-22T00:00+0200 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
meta_author |tpersonal |fBlake |lNeely |rNeely, Blake |ccmp |9Blake Neely
meta_author |tpersonal |fCalista |lFlockhart |rFlockhart, Calista |cact |9Calista Flockhart
meta_author |tpersonal |fSally |lField |rField, Sally |cact |9Sally Field
meta_author |tpersonal |fRachel |lGriffiths |rGriffiths, Rachel |cact |9Rachel Griffiths
meta_author |tpersonal |fRon |lRifkin |rRifkin, Ron |cact |9Ron Rifkin
meta_author |tpersonal |fPatricia |lWettig |rWettig, Patricia |cact |9Patricia Wettig
meta_author |tpersonal |fDave |lAnnable |rAnnable, Dave |cact |9Dave Annable
meta_rating |k6 |kAngst |kGrof taalgebruik
meta_subject |tFamilie |gTelevisieseries
meta_subject |tFamilie |gTelevisieseries |lDVD ; Speelfilm |lTelevisieseries en -films |id19997168 |nmrest997168
meta_titleBrothers and sisters. Het complete vijfde en laatste seizoen
branches |aZBB |rss20130515
branches |a4000 |mBROT seizoen 5 |iseizoen 5 |bOS5431085 |wN |kD2 |x6 dvd's |rss20190531 |sMagazijn Tv-serie (infopunt) |id19997168 |nmrest997168
branches |a4120 |mBROT |bDH1549006 |wN |kD2 |rss20150207 |sDVD Serie Volwassenen |id19997168 |nmrest997168
branches |a4230 |mBROT |sDVD volwassenen fictie |bIP402169X |wN |kD2 |rss20120710 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
branches |a4260 |mBROT |bIZ1926853 |wN |kD2 |rss20120714 |sMagazijn multi-media fiction (Vragen aan de balie) |id19997168 |nmrest997168
branches |a4460 |mBROT |sMAGAZIJN DVD SERIES |bOK2312506 |wN |kDU |rss20121008 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
branches |a4480 |mBROT |bOR201307932 |wN |kD2 |rss20140619 |sDVD series volwassenen |id19997168 |nmrest997168
branches |a4541 |mBROT |bRL5983851 |wN |kD2 |rss20120529 |sMagazijn : Beeld en geluid |id19997168 |nmrest997168
branches |a4590 |mBROT |sdvd's volwassenen |b38790003643808 |wN |kD4 |rss20130316 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
branches |a4620 |mBROT 5 / 1952 |sFoyer DVD-ruimte series |bWI0794910 |wN |kDU |x6 dvd's |rss20120928 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
branches |a4610 |mBROT |sSpeelfilms |bWV337355X |wN |kD2 |rss20120822 |id19997168 |nmrest997168
brothers and sisters het complete vijfde en laatste seizoen
buena vista home entertainment 2012
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