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df0243# |a8712626014393
df040## |aVLACC I |bdut |cOpen Vlacc
df100## |aWise, Robert |4drt
df245#0 |aWest Side story |cdir. by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins ; screenplay by Ernest Lehman ; based upon the stage play by Robert E. Griffith ... [e.a.] ; music by Leonard Bernstein |hDVD-VIDEO
df260## |bMGM DVD |ccop. 2003
df300## |a2 dvd-video's
df306## |aca. 146, 70 min.
df500## |aDisc 2 bevat bonusmateriaal
df500## |aEngels gesproken, nagesynchroniseerd in het Frans, Duits, Italiaans, Spaans
df500## |aOndertiteling : Nederlands, Frans, Italiaans, Spaans, Engels voor slechthorenden, Duits voor slechthorenden
df500## |aSpecial edition
df518## |a1961
df521## |avolwassenen
df600## |aShakespeare, William |tRomeo and Juliet |9vth
df650## |aJeugdbendes |xNew York (stad) |9vth
df650## |aMusicals |9vge
df650## |aSpeelfilms |9vge
df700## |aBernstein, Leonard |d1918-1990 |4cmp
df700## |aLaurents, Arthur |4ant
df700## |aLehman, Ernest |4sce
df700## |aRobbins, Jerome |4drt
df700## |aWood, Natalie |4act
df852 |a2100 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |cWEST |e@ |lWEST |p130337003584447 |wN |xa183 12.79 EUR |yD2 |2BGV |6391564 |92005-09-02T00:00+0200 |id17542619 |nmrest542619
df852 |a2110 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |cWEST |e@ |lWEST |p11180590357 |wN |xH 2009/04 [20,99.] Seq: 2 |yD2 |2BGV |6391565 |92005-01-10T00:00+0100 |id17542619 |nmrest542619
df852 |a2011 |bVerdieping 2 Muziek dvd |c68 WEST |e@ |l68 WEST |p113216006106392 |wN |xSeq: 3 |yD3 |2BMN |6391566 |92006-07-28T00:00+0200 |id17542619 |nmrest542619
df852 |a2221 |bGelijkvloers Speelfilms volwassenen |cWEST |e@ |lWEST |p11211141639 |wN |x2006 - 236 Seq: 4 |yD2 |6391567 |92009-02-06T00:00+0100 |id17542619 |nmrest542619
df852 |a2180 |bMagazijn dvd's |cWEST |e@ |lWEST |p11190141609 |wN |xa2005 22,95 EUR Seq: 5 |yD2 |6391568 |92005-05-26T00:00+0200 |id17542619 |nmrest542619
df852 |a2121 |bMuziek en film Films en series |cWEST |e@ |lWEST |p11153930080 |wN |xka2005 24,50 EUR;2 DVD-VIDEO Seq: 6 |yD2 |6391569 |92005-01-24T00:00+0100 |id17542619 |nmrest542619
df852 |a2270 |bMagazijn Volwassenen speelfilms |cM WEST |e@ |lM WEST |p120305010380887 |wN |x2004 Seq: 8 |yD2 |3WEST 8182 8183 |6391571 |92005-04-18T00:00+0200 |id17542619 |nmrest542619
meta_author |tpersonal |fRobert |lWise |rWise, Robert |cdrt |9Robert Wise
meta_author |tpersonal |fLeonard |lBernstein |rBernstein, Leonard |b1918- |m1918- |d1990 |n1990 |ccmp |i0000000110292324 |v71577114 |wQ152505 |9Leonard Bernstein 1918-1990
meta_author |tpersonal |fArthur |lLaurents |rLaurents, Arthur |cant |9Arthur Laurents
meta_author |tpersonal |fErnest |lLehman |rLehman, Ernest |csce |9Ernest Lehman
meta_author |tpersonal |fJerome |lRobbins |rRobbins, Jerome |cdrt |9Jerome Robbins
meta_author |tpersonal |fNatalie |lWood |rWood, Natalie |cact |9Natalie Wood
meta_subject |pShakespeare, William ; Romeo and Juliet |tJeugdbendes ; New York (stad) |gMusicals |gSpeelfilms
meta_subject |pShakespeare, William ; Romeo and Juliet |lVerfilmde boeken |lMuziekfilms |lJeugdbendes ; New York |lRomeo en Julia (motief) |id17542619 |nmrest542619
meta_titleWest Side story
branches |aZBB |rss20200219
branches |a2100 |mWEST |b130337003584447 |wN |kD2 |rss20050902 |sSpeelfilms volwassenen |id17542619 |nmrest542619
branches |a2110 |mWEST |b11180590357 |wN |kD2 |rss20050110 |sSpeelfilms volwassenen |id17542619 |nmrest542619
branches |a2011 |m68 WEST |b113216006106392 |wN |kD3 |rss20060728 |sVerdieping 2 Muziek dvd |id17542619 |nmrest542619
branches |a2221 |mWEST |b11211141639 |wN |kD2 |rss20090206 |sGelijkvloers Speelfilms volwassenen |id17542619 |nmrest542619
branches |a2180 |mWEST |b11190141609 |wN |kD2 |rss20050526 |sMagazijn dvd's |id17542619 |nmrest542619
branches |a2121 |mWEST |b11153930080 |wN |kD2 |rss20050124 |sMuziek en film Films en series |id17542619 |nmrest542619
branches |a2270 |mM WEST |b120305010380887 |wN |kD2 |xWEST 8182 8183 |rss20050418 |sMagazijn Volwassenen speelfilms |id17542619 |nmrest542619
branches |p200411653^OBHH^HB^SPEE^WEST^DVDV^-^-^-^-^speelfilms^^^^^ |b200411653 |sSPEE |mWEST |kDVDV |aOBHH_HB |rss20040316 |id0Z321657 |nmrest321657
west side story
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West side story