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df0243# |a8718836863462
df040## |aOpen Vlacc |bdut
df091## |a6
df091## |aGeweld
df091## |aGrof taalgebruik
df100## |aMills, Mike |4drt
df245#0 |a20th century women |cwritten and directed by Mike Mills |hDVD-VIDEO
df260## |bSeptember Film |c2017
df300## |a1 dvd-video
df306## |a113 min.
df500## |aEngels gesproken
df500## |aOndertiteling: Nederlands, Frans
df518## |a2015
df521## |avolwassenen
df590## |aMooov approved
df650## |aSpeelfilms |9vge
df650## |aMoeder-zoonrelatie |9vth
df650## |aAlleenstaande moeders |9vth
df650## |aComing of age (film) |9vge
df700## |aNeill, Roger |4cmp
df700## |aBening, Annette |4act
df700## |aFanning, Elle |4act
df700## |aGerwig, Greta |4act
df700## |aZumann, Lucas Jade |4act
df700## |aCrudup, Billy |4act
df852 |a2000 |bFilm volwassenen |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p2017/2368 |wN |yD |2BGV |662864 |92017-09-18T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2010 |bVolwassenen dvd Zebracinema |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p13010959990 |wN |x[pr : 14,50] - |yD2 |2BGV |693588 |92017-12-05T00:00+0100 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2020 |b1ste verdieping Volw. Zebra Cinema |c20TH |d1ste verdieping Zebra Cinema |eBGV |l20TH |p20170010807 |wN |yD2 |2BGV |6324343 |92017-09-06T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2020 |b1ste verdieping Volw. Zebra Cinema |c20TH |d1ste verdieping Zebra Cinema |eBGV |l20TH |p20180003836 |wN |yD2 |2BGV |6324344 |92018-04-24T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2040 |bGelijkvloers Speelfilms volwassenen |cDVD 20TH |e@ |lDVD 20TH |p1120141025 |wN |xA 2017 [17.99 MEDIO] |yD2 |2BGV |31 DVD |62058541 |92017-09-12T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2050 |bPop-up Muziek & Film (Lutgart) Speelfilms (blauw) |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p11063489117 |wN |xA17 - MA - 15,00 Seq: 2 |yD2 |2BGV |62058542 |92017-09-11T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2100 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |cTW |e@ |lTW |p13030232111 |wN |xa2017 Seq: 3 |yD2 |2BGV |62058543 |92017-09-25T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2140 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |cZEBRACINEMA DVD 20TH |e@ |lZEBRACINEMA DVD 20TH |p113010190092 |wN |xa2017 Seq: 4 |yD2 |62058544 |92017-12-18T00:00+0100 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2160 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p112517001280 |wN |xa2017 Seq: 5 |yD2 |2BGV |62058545 |92018-01-11T00:00+0100 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2170 |bZebra-cinema |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p1101222784X |wN |xa2018 Seq: 6 |yD2 |2BGV |62058546 |92018-06-19T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2190 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |cTWEN |e@ |lTWEN |p11051352145 |wN |xJ17 : 15.00 EUR Seq: 7 |yD2 |62058547 |92017-09-06T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2210 |bZebracinema |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p11290070231026 |wN |x2017 Seq: 8 |yD2 |62058548 |92017-09-05T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2221 |bGelijkvloers Speelfilms volwassenen |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p11211642312 |wN |x2017 - 214 Seq: 9 |yD2 |62058549 |92017-09-11T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2120 |bMuziek en film Speelfilms |cTWEN |e@ |lTWEN |p11178870296 |wN |xa17 Seq: 10 |yD2 |62058550 |92017-09-27T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2120 |bMuziek en film Speelfilms |cTWEN |e@ |lTWEN |p11178870297 |wN |xa17 Seq: 11 |yD2 |62058551 |92017-09-27T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2070 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |c20 |e@ |l20 |p1201121820X |wN |xa2017 Seq: 12 |yD2 |2BGV |62058552 |92017-11-08T00:00+0100 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2180 |bGelijkvloers Zebracinema |cTWEN |e@ |lTWEN |p11190588255 |wN |xa2017 Seq: 13 |yD2 |62058553 |92017-11-09T00:00+0100 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2220 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p11161268319 |wN |xA17 Seq: 14 |yD2 |62058554 |92017-09-26T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2240 |bSpeelfilms volwassenen |cTWEN |e@ |lTWEN |p120415048230602 |wN |xaw2017 Seq: 15 |yD2 |62058555 |92017-09-28T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2121 |bMuziek en film Dvd Zebracinema |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p11154201024 |wN |xka2017 Seq: 16 |yD2 |62058556 |92017-09-20T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2250 |bKelderverdieping Dvd speelfilm |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p112711023338927 |wN |xa2017 Seq: 17 |yD2 |2BMV |62058557 |92017-09-20T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2260 |bVolwassenen : dvd zebracinema |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p1304000047174 |wN |xa2017 Seq: 18 |yD2 |62058558 |92017-10-16T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2270 |b1ste verdieping Zebracinema |c20 |e@ |l20 |p12030501251410 |wN |xa2017 [18] Seq: 19 |yD2 |62058559 |92017-11-14T00:00+0100 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2300 |bZebracinema |c20TH |e@ |l20TH |p891208005462981 |wN |xa2017 Seq: 20 |yD2 |3Z246/2017 |62058560 |92017-11-22T00:00+0100 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2310 |bBeneden Speelfilms volwassenen |c20th |l20th |p35017874879 |wN |x- [17.99] |yD2 |z1 dvd |67185619 |92017-09-19T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2330 |bMagazijn fictie |cMAG/20TH |lMAG/20TH |p30090883959 |wN |yD2 |31 dvd |67356700 |92017-11-30T00:00+0100 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
df852 |a2340 |bBovenverdieping Speelfilms volwassenen |cFilm 20TH |e@ |lFilm 20TH |pMM4068396 |wN |yD2 |67461789 |92017-09-06T00:00+0200 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
meta_author |tpersonal |fMike |lMills |rMills, Mike |cdrt |9Mike Mills
meta_author |tpersonal |fRoger |lNeill |rNeill, Roger |ccmp |9Roger Neill
meta_author |tpersonal |fAnnette |lBening |rBening, Annette |cact |9Annette Bening
meta_author |tpersonal |fElle |lFanning |rFanning, Elle |cact |9Elle Fanning
meta_author |tpersonal |fGreta |lGerwig |rGerwig, Greta |cact |9Greta Gerwig
meta_author |tpersonal |fLucas Jade |lZumann |rZumann, Lucas Jade |cact |9Lucas Jade Zumann
meta_author |tpersonal |fBilly |lCrudup |rCrudup, Billy |cact |9Billy Crudup
meta_rating |k6 |kGeweld |kGrof taalgebruik
meta_subject |tMoeder-zoonrelatie |tAlleenstaande moeders |gSpeelfilms |gComing of age (film)
meta_subject |lZebracinema |l3 sterren (Knack) |lDramatische film (filmgenre) |ldvd-video |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
meta_title20th century women
branches |aZBB |rss20170907
branches |a2000 |sFilm volwassenen |m20TH |b2017/2368 |wN |kD |rss20170918 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2010 |sVolwassenen dvd Zebracinema |m20TH |b13010959990 |wN |kD2 |rss20171205 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
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branches |a2050 |sPop-up Muziek & Film (Lutgart) Speelfilms (blauw) |m20TH |b11063489117 |wN |kD2 |rss20170911 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2100 |sSpeelfilms volwassenen |mTW |b13030232111 |wN |kD2 |rss20170925 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2140 |sSpeelfilms volwassenen |mZEBRACINEMA DVD 20TH |b113010190092 |wN |kD2 |rss20171218 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2160 |sSpeelfilms volwassenen |m20TH |b112517001280 |wN |kD2 |rss20180111 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2170 |sZebra-cinema |m20TH |b1101222784X |wN |kD2 |rss20180619 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2190 |sSpeelfilms volwassenen |mTWEN |b11051352145 |wN |kD2 |rss20170906 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
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branches |a2221 |sGelijkvloers Speelfilms volwassenen |m20TH |b11211642312 |wN |kD2 |rss20170911 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2120 |sMuziek en film Speelfilms |mTWEN |b11178870296 |wN |kD2 |rss20170927 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2120 |sMuziek en film Speelfilms |mTWEN |b11178870297 |wN |kD2 |rss20170927 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2070 |sSpeelfilms volwassenen |m20 |b1201121820X |wN |kD2 |rss20171108 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
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branches |a2121 |sMuziek en film Dvd Zebracinema |m20TH |b11154201024 |wN |kD2 |rss20170920 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2250 |sKelderverdieping Dvd speelfilm |m20TH |b112711023338927 |wN |kD2 |rss20170920 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2260 |sVolwassenen : dvd zebracinema |m20TH |b1304000047174 |wN |kD2 |rss20171016 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2270 |s1ste verdieping Zebracinema |m20 |b12030501251410 |wN |kD2 |rss20171114 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2300 |sZebracinema |m20TH |b891208005462981 |wN |kD2 |xZ246/2017 |rss20171122 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2310 |sBeneden Speelfilms volwassenen |m20th |b35017874879 |wN |kD2 |81 dvd |rss20170919 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2330 |sMagazijn fictie |mMAG/20TH |b30090883959 |wN |kD2 |x1 dvd |rss20171130 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
branches |a2340 |sBovenverdieping Speelfilms volwassenen |mFilm 20TH |bMM4068396 |wN |kD2 |rss20170906 |id171278476 |nmrest1278476
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branches |rss20170921 |b2017/5422 |aHEZO |sNivo 0; volwassenen; dvd-video |m20TH |id0LHEZO5037601 |nmrestHEZO5037601
branches |rss20170926 |b2017/6251 |aKINR |sVolwassenen films |m20TH |x4921 |id0LKINR947398 |nmrestKINR947398
20th century women
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20th century Women